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For cycling, Tourism in Terchova

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For cycling, Tourism in Terchova

The program for cyclist

Bicycle offers excellent possibility of moving freely where ever you want to go. You can explore the country and still enjoy working out.
Mala Fatra offers variety of cycling routes. Some of them are difficult and some easy.
Our Tourist information will provide you with a cycling map.

International emergency number: 112
Ski mountain service 041 / 5695 232

For hikers, Tourism in Terchova

Program for the tourist – our suggestion

International emergency number: 112
Ski mountain service 041 / 5695 232

Recommended hiking trails:

Day 1  – Appetizer
Start : Terchová – Tiesňavy 567 m ( blue path ) to Male noc¾ahy 1000m, ( yellow path ) thought Sokolie 1170 m – sedlo Prislop 916 m, ( blue path ) to Stary dvor – finis
Duration time:  3 hours

Day 2 – starter
Start: Stefanova 625m ( yellow ) to Podžiar 715 m, than through Horne Diery  970m ( blue ) to sedlo Medzirozsutce 1200m, from there up to Velky Rozutec 1610 m ( red ), down to sedlo Medziholie 1185m ( red ) and back to Stefanova ( green ) – finish
Duration time: 5 hours


Day 3 – the main course
Start: Vratna – Stary Dvor 614m ( blue ) to sedlo Prislop 916m, Baraniarky 1270m, Kraviarske 1360m, sedlo za Kraviarskym, Chrapáky 1417m, upper station of  chair lift 1490m,
Snilovske sedlo 1524 m( green)  up to Velky Kriváò 1709m ( red ) back to Snilovske sedlo and from there  to Chata Vratna ( here you can chaose to také the chair lift down ,or to hike ) – finish
Duration time:
5  hours with the ride on chair lift  on the way back
6 ¼  hours hike


Day 4 – local speciality
Start: Terchová – Tiesňavy 567m ( green ) through Boboty 1085m to  sedlo Vrchpodžiar 745 m  ( yellow ) to Podžiar  715m  and from there  to Hotel DIery through Dolne Diery ( blue )  640m
Duration time: 3 hours


Day 5 –  for sweet tooth
Start: Chata Vratna 750m  ( green ) – Snilovske sedlo 1524m, Chleb 1647 ( red ), Hromove 1636m, sedlo Za Hromovým 1550m, Steny – south peak 1578m, sedlo v Stenach 1480m – north peak, Poludòavy Grup 1460 m. From Poludòový Grúò to Chata na Gruni 970m ( yellow ). From Chata na Gruni you can také ether yellow path to Chata Vratna or the blue to Stefanova.
Duration time: 3 ½ hours

Day 6  –  drink
Start:  from  Vratna – Chata Vratna 750 m ( yellow ) to Chata na Gruni 970m and than to Stefanova 625 m ( blue ) – finis
duration time: 1 ¾ hours